Has anyone played this game yet?

#1 Posted by rudyarr (286 posts) -

I really wanna get this game and it is not money that is keeping me from getting it, but just word of mouth. Just wondering if anyone else bit the $3.49 bullet. Game looks really interesting and I like the visuals, but not sure if the gameplay is too repetitive.

Anyone? I await in my chair

#2 Posted by BlackLagoon (1732 posts) -

@rudyarr: You can play the original flash version free at Armor Games. It has much less content and features than the PSM version though.

#3 Posted by The_Tolman (458 posts) -

Played through it last night. About 30 minutes of throughly enjoyable gameplay with great art. Well worth the small price of admission.

#4 Posted by rudyarr (286 posts) -

@BlackLagoon: cool thanks black I did play the flash game just now and it was fun!

#5 Posted by JamesAwesome (28 posts) -

I played it right after buying it. Loved it.

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