Check Out the Multiplayer Mech Madness of Hawken

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#101 Edited by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Something about the word "Hawken" makes me think "Wanzer". Maybe it's the mechs and I'm just stupid.

edit: After playing through Front Mission Evolved, this is very refreshing. I still believe there's an awesome game to be made by translating the various cutscenes in the PS1 and PS2 Front Missions games into real-time action.  And SHOGO's multiple gameplay formulas of inside and outside the mech have stuck in my memories a lot more than most other FPS series of late. There's definitely an ignored ganglion to tickle there.

Perhaps this game will whet the appetites of those who can make our micro macross dreams come true.

#102 Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer (534 posts) -
@easthill: Why limit themselves to just the PC when they could at least try to get it on the 360/PS3, and therefore reach out to a larger audience? A bigger audience allows for more of a chance for more money for these devs.

Also, this game seems to be getting some attention far before it's done, whereas those god awful FPS Multiplayer games that keep coming out on XBLA have absolutely no press.
#103 Posted by Hardgamer (610 posts) -

I want a Multi-Player thing in my system.

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I bet when you hear the phrase "indie games," your mind doesn't immediately run to stuff that looks likethis: "

lol Brad, silly statement to make. Theirs tonnes of indie games that look really nice, Lead & dead is a perfect example. It definitely looks like an indie game, pure and simple : ) 

#105 Posted by JakeLogan (221 posts) -

Hella keen for FPS mech action
#106 Posted by MagikGimp (779 posts) -

If you stick to the mainstream you're bound to be behind somewhat when it comes to the independent scene. Modding and just what is possible with tools out there these days has come a long way and there's some really impressive stuff being made. Not to mention that some of the stuff made by very keen, intelligent people looking for a career in video games development, while not content-extensive, has every now and again caused a stir for a long time now (demo-scene et al.)

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