Destructoid giving out 10,000 beta keys.

#1 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

Interest for this game seems kind small on this site, but for those interested Destructoid is giving access to the Hawken closed beta. Just sign up for an account on Hawken's official website and redeem this code: HAWKEN_DTOID

Here's the Destructoid post about it. It's pretty cool for them to do this, so give them a page view if you desire.

#2 Posted by flomby (81 posts) -

Worked for me, downloading it now...thanks for the heads up!

#3 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

Thanks! My PC won't run the game. :( Though I am glad to be in the beta none the less!

#4 Posted by Moosey (18 posts) -

Played it, Feels like COD- Mech Style. Hahah pretty easy to gets kills in my opinion. Well the beta to me feels empty because most options aren't available to me, guess I wait for the full release to be satisfied xD

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