What do u do with the old games once a HD collection is announced

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With all the HD Collections and Re-masters lately I'm wondering what you guys do with their PS2/PS1 counterparts.Do you; 
1.  Sell them online or in pawn shops 
2. Keep them both
3.  other answers... 

 For example with the God of War collection on PS3, do you keep the PS2 versions or  do you sell them? 
At the moment I'm torn on what to do with my older games with all these HD collections being announced. What I usually do is wait for reviews and if the remaster is done well then I consider selling the older games.However, if I own a collector's edition of the older games I keep them both. One thing that the HD collections are good for is space management where one disc takes the place of two. 
 So again what do you guys do with the older games once a HD collection is announced/released?
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I don't know yet. I moved shadow/ico off of my shelf and have them sitting on my desk. I have no intention of selling either, same with the inevitable Ratchet collection in the future.(fingers crossed) Theyre definately doing great things for my lack of space for new games.

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@GunstarRed: I'm also hoping for a Ratchet and Clank HD collection. One thing that bothers me though is which three games they will release for the collection. With the Jak and Daxter collection they seem to have ignored the Jak X racing game. Hopefully with Ratchet they release all the PS2 Ratchet games not just the first three. 
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I didn't play MGS3 until the HD thing came out.

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Unless the HD version is atrocious, I end up getting the HD version and selling the original or give it to family members who still have that original system. Aside from taking up less space in my house, I get to see a better looking version of the title, something that almost feels necessary for polygon-based games.

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I keep them, like I do with all of my games.

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I'm not a collector so by the time an HD collection comes out I've usually already lost, sold, or given away my copy.

I also don't replay games as much as a lot of people seem to (my backlog of games I haven't played yet is too full) so if I've already completed all the games in the collection the chances of me buying the HD collection is pretty slim.

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Keep them all. I have really only bought like 1 of the HD-remasters. Beyond Good & Evil. I wil be picking up the Metal Gear Collection and the ICO/SotC collections very soon, buy I will definitely be keeping my older copies. I mean I am not at that much of a premium of space, and they are kind of fun to go back on the old consoles and play the originals.

I am thinking about picking up GoW, and the Halo: CE Anniversary within the next few months, and then for sure Zone of the Enders when it comes out... but I think anymore than like 5 of these collections being added to my collection is not going to happen. There are series that I really love and want to play through again, but also, I HAVE THE ORIGINALS AND THE SYSTEMS to play them on still, so these purchases are kind of redundant. It is not like I missed a lot of these games and am now going back or interested...

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just throw them away

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I've got a shelf for older games, so they just stay put.

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If I like a game enough to buy an HD re-release, I'm going to want to hold on to the original.

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Keep them on my shelf.

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