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The Head Quarantine Officer is a minor character that appears in the opening minutes of Metroid:  Other M.  After Samus awakens in a Galactic Federation medical facility, the quarantine officer walks Samus through some exercises to ensure that both she and her power suit are still fit after her adventures on Zebes in Super Metroid.  In the English language version, he is voiced by NOA localization producer Nate Bihldorf.
After the tutorial is completed, the officer comments that he gave Samus's power suit a cleaning while she was asleep so that she could be more presentable while delivering her mission report to Galactic Federation officials.  However, towards the end of the game it is revealed that the true reason he cleaned her suit was to obtain DNA samples from the dried remnants of the baby Metroid and other creatures coating it.  These samples were then delivered to the research staff of the Bottle Ship for the purposes of conducting illegal bioweapon research.

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