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 Head Rush Cover Art
Head Rush is a 1998 spin-off of the popular You Don't Know Jack! trivia game series. It is focused more on the teenage demographic. 
The trivia game show is hosted by Bob (voiced by Andy Poland) and plays nearly identically  to most You Don't Know Jack! titles, with a handful of subtle differences:
  • Players get $5,000 instead of $2,000 for correct answers
  • The final segment of the game is known as the Head Rush, as opposed to the Jack Attack
  • Whatshisname questions are called Old Man's Moldy Memories questions
  •  New type of special question category called "Trash Talkin' With Milan"
  • Gibberish Questions are called HeadButt Questions
  • Instead of players using Screws to Screw their opponent, players use False Teeth to Bite their opponent (both of these force a player to answer a question)
  • Only 11 questions per game instead of the normal 13, 15, or 21

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