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In order to collect skulls, players have to frag enemy players, collect the skull(s) from their corpse and return the collected skull(s) to their designated banking zone, note that these banking zones move, in a similar fashion to the hill in crazy king,  It is important to note that the player will not receive any points until they deposit their skulls into their territory. While holding skulls, players will be visible anywhere on the map with an indicator above their spartan which reveals the amount of skulls they are currently holding. The more skulls the players holds onto at once, the bigger a target they are. If a player is killed, all of the skulls they are holding, plus the obligatory one from their own corpse will be dropped and enemy players will be able to collect the skulls. Additionally, players will not be penalized for carrying the skulls and will be able to access all weapons and abilities, unlike classic game modes such as oddball/ctf/assualt. A game would usually been complete after one player/team banks 25 skulls, but if one player deposits 10 skulls at once they score a 'Skullimanjaro' and the game ends early.

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