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Heart of China is one of two predominant point and click adventure games published by Dynamix, an offshoot of the Sierra family of companies.  Like its sister project Rise of the Dragon, it is a point and click adventure game, with a few action elements interspersed at key moments, alongside a fascination with broadly-drawn characters from the Orient.

Players take on the role of a character similar to those found in many high adventure pulp novels, whose task it is to save a lovely nurse who is kidnapped at the start of the game.  At certain points AFTER player decisions, a symbol denoting a crossroads sign will appear.  This tells the player that if they had chosen differently, there would be different consequences to their actions.  This allowed for multiple endings, but at the same time if you didn't save frequently, you might be forced to replay a good portion of the game in order to see where the other branch led should you be blindsided with the choice and its consequences.

Action sequences included melee combat atop a speeding train, as well as trying to drive a tank away from the villains' fortress without crashing it, while defending you and your companions from hostile forces.

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