The Inaugural Giant Bomb Hearthstone Scrub League Tournament

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@betterbuckleup: I'm on shift both days. I can do Sunday after 7 if that works for you.

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@sir_gunblade: Replied to your PM but never heard back. Looks like you haven't logged onto HS since Wednesday. I'll try to keep open but I'm probably going to be going out around 6PM PDT so time is running short here.

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@TheFeenMachine: Thanks I didn't see the invite so I tried to add you as well

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OK y'all, this isn't related to the tournament at hand, but I just need to share this pack I just opened:


For what it's worth, I already have 2 Injured Blademasters so that wasn't quite as exciting, and I have regular Flame Imps obviously, but still, goddamn. It was a pack I got from a 5-win Arena run which I guess skews the card quality a bit, but I've never had a pack of that quality before.

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you can take me out of the tourney. I forfeit.

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@devise22: Just sent you a friend request, I should be around most of tomorrow if you want to knock out our games then.

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Alright so our progress has come to halt. For the sake of progress, I'm going to start advancing people. It's nothing personal.

If I can see you've made an attempt or have indicated you have, you're good.

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@fredchuckdave: Still waiting for a response to that friend request.

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Here's the status of each matchup. Again, no hard feelings - I just need to keep this moving.

Winners Bracket
Devise22/Lilarcor - Scheduling is ongoing.
sir_gunblade/StarvingGamer - SGB has no activity on the site since Jun 10. Will follow up with both parties via PM. Will award win to StarvingGamer if nothing is in the works by the end of Sunday.
Lockes84 / Chim21 - Haven't heard from either. Will follow up with both parties via PM.

Losers Bracket
BisonHero/littleemille - Bison added LE on Friday. Will follow up with both parties via PM. Will award win to Bison if nothing is in the works by the end of Sunday.
AcuraMax/ tabloidfootprints - Tabloid reached out to Acura 5 days ago, unfortunately Acura hasn't been seen in 6. Giving the win to Tabloidfootprints.
ILikePopCans/ ghostdini85 - No activity from either in a while. ghostdini85 expressed interest in the losers bracket. Will advance ghostdini85 however will PM. Need to hear back by the end of Sunday ensure he's still interested.
nophillip/fredchuckdave - NP sent FCD a friend request on Friday. Will follow up with both parties via PM.
a_randay92/Jswan13 - I'm going to give a_randay the win. He's been active on the site. Will follow up with him via PM to see if he's still interested. If not or I don't hear back by Sunday, will advance Tyashki.

TheFeenMachine/paudle were just scheduled so you've got some time. BetterBuckleUp/HurricaneIvan are way out infront of the pack so also have plenty of time to schedule your game.

If I missed anything or overlooked anything, please let me know. Again, nothing personal and if I made a mistake and overlooked your scheduling efforts, it wasn't intentional and can correct it.

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@busted1der Seems that I've been moved up so we're paired up. I'll go ahead and add you on BNet. I should be online most nights but feel free to name a time that works for you.

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Hey @c0v3rt, I'll be available starting 9pm Central tonight, you wanna knock out some matches?

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Won 2 matches against @nophilip and got another chance to play my weirdass priest deck afterwards; fun games all around.

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Devise22 and I finished our games, I won 2-1. He had me on the ropes with his Paladin deck versus my Priest, but I clawed back for a win and then knocked off his Warrior with my Mage. Really tough games, good job!

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@electric_zen: I've got some strong storms brewing in my neck of the woods which almost always results in me having frequent power outages, so tonight may be a no go. We've got a ton of time to get our stuff knocked out, but am wide open starting Tuesday.

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Side note - I'm PMing everyone when they have a new match available. That way you don't have to keep checking the bracket or this thread. Feel free to schedule in either the thread or the PM since I can see everything.

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@c0v3rt said:

@electric_zen: I've got some strong storms brewing in my neck of the woods which almost always results in me having frequent power outages, so tonight may be a no go. We've got a ton of time to get our stuff knocked out, but am wide open starting Tuesday.

Oh, OK, the Challonge bracket page says this round ends tomorrow, so I didn't know we had so much time.

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hey @c0v3rt: I won versus @paudle.

Btw: Thanks for organizing all of this, I know it must be a pain logistically.

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My Warlock deck beat StarvingGamer's warlock deck in round 1.

Round 2 my warlock deck beat StarvingGamer's warrior deck in round 2.

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@electric_zen: Yeah we're kind of going off script with the dates. This last round brought things to a bit of a halt.

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@TheFeenMachine: No problem man. I'm having fun, I hope others are too! BTW, do you recall if you won 2-0 or 2-1?

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@c0v3rt: 2-0. And yeah, I'm having fun!

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In a few minutes, I'm going to go through and start moderating wins. To everyone who have responded to PMs and/or gotten your games in, thank you. To people who were already bounced but active - thank you so much for making this easy... you deserve better. The bracket will be updated within the hour. I'll PM anyone any new matchups that happen as a result.

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Giant post. Please forgive. Here is an update from my post on Friday night.

Winners Bracket

Devise22/Lilarcor - Lilarcor won

sir_gunblade/StarvingGamer - sir_gunblade won.

Lockes84 / Chim21 - Both are scheduling, both have just been busy.

Losers Bracket

BisonHero/littleemille - Never heard from littleemille. Giving BisonHero the win.

AcuraMax/ tabloidfootprints - Tabloid was given the win, ultimately bounced by busted1der.

ILikePopCans/ ghostdini85 - ghostdini85 was advanced. Never heard back.

nophillip/fredchuckdave - fredchuckdavewon

a_randay92/Jswan13 - a_randay92 was given the win.

Thank you everyone for your assistance in getting that round knocked out. Now, here are some decisions I'm unfortunately having to moderate for sake of keeping things moving.

ghostdini85/gkhan - I never heard back from ghostdini85. I'm advancing gkhan.

a_randay92/Tyashki - I didn't hear back from a_randay92, so I've advanced Tyashki. Unfortunately he's playing the loser of Lockes/Chim. Sorry, but I appreciate your patience duder!

As for where that leaves us - here's the update on where we stand with our final 24 in terms of scheduling.

Winners Bracket

jackhole/lilarcor - PM sent Saturday.

MrMazz/sir_gunblade - PM sent Sunday.

Lockes84/Chim21 - Scheduling (winner vs TheDew)

C0V3RT/Electric_Zen - Scheduling

Losers Bracket

DarkShaper/BisonHero - Matchup just made, will send PM shortly.

StarvingGamer/busted1der - PM sent Sunday. SG sent a friend request.

Asmo917/Devise22 - PM sent Sunday. Asmo sent a friend request.

Blargonaut/gkhan - Matchup just made, will send PM shortly.

kidzombie/fredchuckdave - PM sent Saturday night.

TheFeenMachine/veovisjohn - PM sent Sunday.

As for the timetable moving forward. I want to allow the winners bracket matchups as much time that would be considered reasonable to get their games in. Since it was originally supposed to be single elimination anyway, look at it as a perk of sorts. Losers bracket - I will post an update on Tuesday with any updates with a hard deadline of Thursday to have the games scheduled. If anyone is MIA come Thursday and the opponent has made an effort to reach out, they'll be eliminated.

(15 posts away Fredchuckdave, your reign of terror at the top is coming to an end!)

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@c0v3rt It's all good! I probably wouldn't have advanced this far otherwise!

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@blargonaut I guess we're up. Any time before thursday is good for me, after that I go away for a few days. Which part of the world are you in?

Edit: I'm in Sweden

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@mrmazz Sent you a friend request. We're both undefeated apparently, so... "One shall stand. One shall fall." Best of luck!

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@TheFeenMachine Just added you on I'm on the west coast and can usually play after 7 pm most nights. Hit me up if you see me on and I'll do the same.

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@bisonhero: I just added you on Let me know what works for you. I'm able to play at just about any time.

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@chim21: and I just finished our matches. They were very good games and I somehow ended up on top. @thedew: I sent a pm and a bnet friend request. I'm available today and after 6:30 pst tomorrow. Let me know what works best for you my friend!

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@sir_gunblade: OK might not be able to play much today but will definatly hash at a time to play.

#286 Posted by sir_gunblade (117 posts) -

@mrmazz: Come on Mr. Mazz can't you get beyond Thunderdome? (SpoonyOne reference)

Are we in best of 5's now? Let me know what works for you.

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@sir_gunblade: Still best of 3. Best of 5 starting next round in the winners bracket. Losers bracket will be Bo3 until the finals (AQ and AR on the bracket).

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I sent Jackhole a friend request on Saturday night, haven't heard from him since. I'll be gone most of Tuesday-Thursday, should be available most of Friday if he doesn't get back to me by then.

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I played littleemille, and won 2-0! The first match was a very close Warlock vs. Warlock, while the second match was his Mage vs. my Warlock.

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@electric_zen Sorry man! I was just messaging you as you got offline. I'm on standby for work and wasn't paying attention to my PC. I've got no obligations the rest of the week so I'm good whenever.

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I lost to DarkShaper, 2-1. My Warlock lost to his Hunter, then my Druid beat his Hunter, then his Mage beat my Druid. His Mage deck is a real piece of shit. :P

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@bisonhero: I believe he played his mage deck against me in my first matchup and can confirm it is indeed a piece of shit. I think he lead with it and beat my Warrior deck.

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Annnnnnnd we have our winner of the Rorie bracket, @thedew! Congrats man! You've been nearly perfect through the whole tournament, and get the eventual winner of me/electric_zen.

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@darkshaper We are up, when shall we engage in the eternal combat that is Hearthstone?

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@donmfjohnson: I'm free any time after the maintenance is over.

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Yo @c0v3rt, you free around 9:30pm CST tonight? I really want the honor of getting my ass kicked by @thedew.

#298 Posted by C0V3RT (1351 posts) -


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Good games @electric_zen. Game 1 - my top decking skills were second to none when I got that Power Overwhelming. Game two came down to the wire when you made short work of my minions. Every time I thought I cleared the board, you came clawing back.

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@gkhan: I'm in the US. Washington, DC. I just friend requested you

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