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Heat Man is one of Wily's original Robot Masters.  His body is obviously based off of a typical lighter, which makes sense considering his attacks are all fire-oriented moves.  His boss strategy consists of moving around the room in fire and also shooting out little spitfires at the player's area.  Heat Man flares up when damaged, then zips across the room in a fiery blaze.  Heat Man's weapon is Atomic Fire, which is the only move in Mega Man 2 that can be charged before being fired.  He is weak to Bubble Man's Bubble Lead.  He is, like all of the other Robot Masters in the game, in Mega Man 3 in a Doc Robot, but his attack pattern is the exact same.


There is a glitch in the original Mega Man 2 that can actually heal him:  if a player shoots a Crash-Bomb at him while he is around half health, all of his health will come back.  In addition, if a player is hit by Heat Man while next to a door, the player gets pushed into the door and is sent to a very messed up Wily Castle part 1 which has Heat Man tiles.  It is not possible to complete this stage as the Item-1 is required to advance, which can only be obtained by defeating Heat Man.

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