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In Heaven and Hell, you take on the role of a God or a Devil, the choice is up to you.  The goal of the game is to obtain as many souls as possible.  You have many methods to go about your recruiting, including the ability to bring miracles or plagues.  The game is similar to Black and White in the sense that you are all-mighty.  The resources that you must deal with are mana and loyalty, which are gained by converting people from the region into your minions or followers.  You also have access to prophets, which have different skills such as brute force or spying.

The People

The Nomads

The Nomads are craftsmen who can be converted easily, and are recommended for beginners.  However, their lack of loyalty also means that your opponent's can reconvert them.

The Farmers
The Farmers are a bit more difficult to convert than the Nomads, but have more loyalty.  Because of their cheerful mentality, they have a tendency to lean towards the good side.

The Mountain People
The Mountain People are the exact same as The Farmers in every respect, except for the fact that they have tendency to lean towards the bad side.

Prophets of Heaven

The Prophets of Heaven include:

  • Baptisbon, the Baptist
  • Camelbon, the Trader
  • Beat Up O'Bon, the Warrior
  • Construct O'Bon, the Architect
  • Antibon, the Troublemaker
  • Clandibon, the Spy
  • Boss O'Bon, the Last

Prophets of Hell

The Prophets of Hell include:

  • Baptismael, the Baptist
  • Camemael, the Trader
  • Beat-up-mael, the Warrior
  • Constructmael, the Architect
  • Antimael, the Troublemaker
  • Clandimael, the Spy
  • Bossmael, the Last

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