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Heavenly Guardian Review

 Heavenly Guardian is a PS2 port to the Wii in which you play as a goddess who is saddened to learn that her beloved has been put under a curse. After studying the curse she finds that the only way to cure him is to collect items which will be combined to make a potion. This game has you playing as a character that can shoot in 360 degrees. 

The graphics on this game show that it doesn't even belong on the Wii. Yes the sprite animations work, but there is no wow factor to be found. This game's look feels half done, and haphazardly thrown together. 

The music and sounds don't really hurt the game, nor do they help the game. I feel like someone found a generic sound library and then added the sounds to the game. 

The controls a clunky. Yes you can technically shoot in 8 directions but there are times where some of those diagonal directions don't crisply get interpreted. There's also the issue of trying to use you current shot and it not responding exactly to your button press.

I have to say that I came into this game with very low expectations, and I found that I was right in doing so. You're going to have different types of attacks a 3-way attack, rapid fire, bomb, and homing. It's one of those games that you want to collect one type of attack and not just picking up random crystals. One thing I noticed is that sometimes the power-ups that you collect don't actually do what they say. I'm really talking about the health ones. When it says my Max increases I should actually have more than the starting 3. I wish there was something about this game that I could recommend to Wii owners out there, but I can't think of anything. 

This is a bad game, flawed from the get go, extremely frustrating with how some of the enemies can attack you, as well as if you want to get through a lot of levels you're just going to want to sprint through not actually taking in the level. If you don't you're probably not going to be able to get out of the level. This game gets a 3.2 out of 10.    

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