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God of Whore (Or games and dating) 0

There’s a consistently growing insecurity about the length of games. If one high profile website too many labels a game too short, then the hardcore gaming public becomes worrisome of investing $70 into a game they could likely finish that very day. (Knowing full well that the woman in your life wishes you’d spend that money and day giving her attention.) As a result, players who booted up Devil May Cry 4 developed a familiarity with all of the in-game locales as they were forced to backtrack, a...

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More than just the Goddess of War 1

Much has been said about Ninja Theory's action-adventure starring the fiery red-head Nariko. Called a shameless God of War clone with roots going back to the days of the original XBox and reviews both amazingly positive and crushingly mediocre, Heavenly Sword has had a hard stand leading up to its release.The title's namesake, a powerful blade once wielded by a celestial hero and now guarded by a warrior tribe awaiting the foretold rebirth of said hero is the object of King Bohan's desire. You p...

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If This Is Heaven, I'm Not Sold 0

  Recently, I plopped down in my recliner, turned on the TV, and booted up a shiny Blu-ray. After viewing the Ninja Theory logo that briefly flashed on-screen, I caught a glimpse of a fiery redhead with a bangin' body. I thought I was in Heaven. Once I delved into Heavenly Sword, I quickly forgot about the heroine Nariko's preference for fighting in her undergarments; instead, I was fixated on her East-Asian inspired world. Heavenly Sword's environments and denizens draw heavily on the majestic ...

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Successor to God of War? Not so much. 0

When the first Heavenly Sword trailer debuted, I thought that HS would rival God of War in greatness. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Heavenly Sword is a so-so experience with many flaws and a few inspirational qualities. Heavenly Sword's biggest flaw is that its combat system simply isn't very fun to use. Ninja Theory decided to employ a new sysetm whereby the character automatically blocks, but the user must be in the correct stance in order to deter an attack successfully. This idea, while inn...

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Fantastic storytelling marred by some technical issues 0

Heavenly Sword should serve as a template for storytelling in action titles--possibly for games in general. This game has one of the most engaging stories of any action game I have played, and the way it is conveyed to the player through character interactions that seem so real and emotional is unparalleled.  Combat is the game's chief mechanic and it is, for the most part, very satisfying. It is a simple system in which the player has two different types of strikes which may be chained together...

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You'll finish this by the time you're done eating your Take Out. 0

 Here’s a game I’ve had on my mind for awhile. I played up till the final boss, had a really hard time with him, then let it sit till my first PS3 died, lost my saves so I gotta do it again. But it’s good enough for me to wanna play through again, gotta go with a 7/10 on this one. The Good – This is a hack-n-slash game in the style of God of War, you play as Nariko, a fiery redhead who wields the ‘Heavenly Sword’ and is able to pull off a ridiculous amount of attacks and combos with said sword a...

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Heavenly Sword Review 0

Have you ever wondered what the God of War games would have been like if the protagonist wasn’t Kratos, but one of the many lustrous prostitutes scattered throughout Ancient Greece? Well, if that’s on your bucket list, then the cover of what is Heavenly Sword probably drew you right in.The game stars a beautiful looking woman, Nariko, donned in nothing but her lingerie and a sword. On the outside she may seem like an unstoppable badass engine of destruction, but the game consistently pushes you ...

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Heavenly Sword is a beautifully done interactive movie, and the gameplay is more than solid, but it's over far too quickly. It feels as if Ninja Theory focused on presentation and experimentation much more than content, but the result comes across as a very solid first try at developing for the PS3. Much has been said--more like overtly chastised--about the SixAxis being implemented in games. The best games (Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, etc.) use the motion controls as limited additional immers...

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Initially striking, but we should expect more from this gen. 0

I'll start with the good aspects. Heavenly Sword has fantastic graphics; in fact, it probably rivals the best any system has to offer thus far. The animations are superb and the lip syncing is perfect. Nariko's blades, clothes, and hair whip around in a beautiful maelstrom of violent expression. Chairs, crates, dishes, food, weapons, and sheilds can all be smashed or used as projectiles, and the physics engine is quite solid. Nariko is also actually quite a joy to control, with a fighting system...

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Beautiful graphics, wackly characters, nonstop action 0

As a PS3 owner, you are probably looking for as many games as possible that itilize the power of your new machine. As one of the most visually impressive console games ever made, Heavenly Sword fits that bill. It is beautiful both technically and artistically, and the stunning visuals are backed by non-stop action and solid hack-and-slash gameplay. This is an easy game to recommend, but more as a rental than a purchase, because it is over so fast that you can finish the thing in one or two sitti...

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Heavenly Short.... 0

Heavenly Sword is a PS3-exclusive action game featuring Nariko, a crazy woman with really red tagliatelle like hair and a crazy sword / swords. The game was created by Ninja Theory, whose only other game was an original Xbox game called Kung Fu Chaos.... right.... Turns out that Ninja Theory had a gem up their sleeve with HS though...First off, I need to mention the presentation. This game is like playing an action movie. The graphics are superb and the cutscenes (along with the facial animation...

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Quite "Heavenly" Indeed. 0

"Heavenly Sword" is not just an epic action game; it happens to be the best blockbuster popcorn movie to not come out in theaters. The graphics are amazing; truly some of the best PS3 has to offer. The acting is also good (though not without its corny-one liners), as is the simple yet captivating story. The game plays like a dream too; about as close as one can get to playing "God of War" without actually being Kratos. My only qualm is the super-short length of the game; it can be beaten in 10 h...

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One Worthy of the Heavens 0

Heavenly Sword is a PS3 exclusive released in 2007. It looks Amazing, it plays great and the story is superb. This game has gotten mixed reviews and I am here to set the score straight.Graphics: To start of the review, let me just say that this games graphics in both the cutscenes and in the actual gameplay itself are so good that I often found myself forgetting to attack because I was looking at the scenery. For 2007 this game is mind blowing, for 2008 it is stunning, for 2009 its superb and so...

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A Bucket of OK 0

  I've heard that some people who regularly write reviews, in a professional capacity, don't take notes on the theory that if something is not memorable, it probably is not significant enough to tell a potential consumer about it.   From this school of thought I am going to review Heavenly Sword, a Ninja Theory game I played two years ago and sort of remember.   This bit of content is for the reader who says to himself, "I've got a Playstation 3, some time on my hands, and want to experi...

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