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Heavy Metal Geomatrix is an 3D arena fighting game, released July 12th 2001 in Japan, Sep 13th 2001 in the US and April 12th 2002 in European regions on the Dreamcast and in arcades (Sega NAOMI) in 2001. The game was developed and published by Capcom, except in PAL regions, where it was published by Bigben Interactive. The game is supposedly tied to the Heavy Metal magazine and brand, mostly just in name but also due to the work from Kevin Eastman, who is the owner of the magazine, and Simon Bisley, who has done much work for the magazine.


Heavy Metal Geomatrix is an arena fighting game that pits you against 3 enemies where you can fight with your feet and hands (using different fighting styles depending on the character) or use a variety of weapons. The game is set and feeds from the comic series/universe of Heavy Metal.

Gangs & Groups


The Elite

This group is known as a special-service, which sole purpose is to protect and serve the world from villains and the evil.


The MetalHeads
These knights are fighting to restore and protect their stolen and destroyed lands after the Holocaust.


The Agents
This group fights in the cyberspace to gain fame, money and power. They are extremetly ruthless and they won't hesitate to kill anyone to get what they want.


The Stompers
This gang is one of the most powerful and Illegal in all the world and in the cyberspace. The power of each member of this gang is dreaded in all the "Heavy Metal" universe.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix: Soundtrack

Track list:

Heavy Metal Geomatrix: Soundtrack (Front Cover)
  1. Megadeth - Moto Psycho
  2. Biohazard - Uncivilization
  3. Dust To Dust - New Low
  4. Rollins Band - One Shot
  5. Entombed - Say It In Slugs
  6. Halford - Locked And Loaded
  7. Dust To Dust - Submission
  8. Corrosion Of Conformity - Gittin' It On
  9. W.A.S.P. - Hate To Love Me
  10. Halford - Cyberworld
  11. Motörhead - The Ace Of Spades
  12. Megadeth - Burning Bridges

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