Did i miss something? (Spoilers)

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So I just finished Heavy Rain, really fantastic game. However there some things in the story I seem to have missed like:
1. How did Madison know where Ethan was when he had cut off his thumb, and how did she know that he was in trouble?
2. Why did Madison get shocked when she found who the killer was, had they met before?
3. What was all that about Ethan's blackouts were they ever explained?

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I think Madison followed him to the place where he cut off his finger because i'm pretty sure Ethan says that later in when they're back at the motel.
I don't think Madison had met him before, atleast not in the game. I don't think Ethan met him either so he couldn't have told her about him so that part of the game is pretty wierd : /
At first I thought the blackouts where just some problem Ethan had that didn't have anything to do with the storyline but then I remembered he had an origami figure in his hand so it seems like that should have been explained.

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I think Madison looked shocked because the old woman finally gave her a straight answer instead of "Where are my pills?".
Seriously though, I don't know. The blackout one bugged me the most. I'd like to know why Ethan had those origami figures after his blackouts - once you find out who the killer is, that part just doesn't make any sense.

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I really liked the game alot. I almost want to play it again and try different things. maybe its all explained depending on your choices, but MaFoLu did a good job of explaining too though at least thats what I understood from my first play through. From what I have heard there are like 22 different endings so to get that gold trophy it will take a long time.

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Ethan Mars is Batman.

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The only logical conclusion to the blackouts would be that Ethan is brought to the bodies of the children and gets a origami figure from the killer. That would mean that the killer somehow causes the blackouts though. Which makes even less sense.

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1. Madison had been following Ethan.
2. Seems kinda like that was just there for dramatic purposes. To make you think it was Ethan. But maybe she was surprised because she actually believed Ethan had done it?
3. Never really explained but Ethan believes he's schizophrenic and the wife comments "it was like he was someone else" when she says he came in late with mud on his clothes. Forgot what the doc said though, he might of explained the condition.
3(extended). The details of the murders were released to the public, rich kid knew them, so it's possible that that's where those came from. He heard the details and those entered his dreams since they're so tied to his son's death. Mud etc could be explained by him just running around, it's raining a lot afterall. The origami figure is the main weird thing. I can only think that he went to the graveyard to see his son, while he was his other self, and he picked the origami up from the grave of John Shepard. The same dog origami was at the gravesite when you visit. This is all conjecture though.

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Maybe Ethan's blackouts are his subconscious imitating what he knows about the Origami Killer as some sort of ritual penance?
There's definitely got to be some sort of scene that was stripped out.  I can understand the origami, but waking up at Carnaby Street every time?

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