Heavy Rain Collectors Edition - What Else Do I Need?

#1 Posted by Fredddi43 (343 posts) -

Hey, I'm looking into buying Heavy Rain's Collectors Edition off Amazon for the Origami and the box. It does come with the Taxidermist DLC. Is there any other DLC (my PS3 is YLOD'ed atm, so I cant check myself :/), which I should buy afterwards? The Move stuff comes in a free update, right?

#2 Posted by VoshiNova (1699 posts) -

The move support comes free with the update indeed, don't know about the collectors edition coming with dlc though - ima say no though.

#3 Posted by mosespippy (4303 posts) -

The Taxidermist was the only DLC. Other DLC was planned but canceled so that they could spend time adding move support.

#4 Posted by Fredddi43 (343 posts) -

Thanks guys, imma go for it then :)

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