Heavy Rain Glitch Video -- Help?

#1 Posted by Baillie (4318 posts) -

Hey guys I'm just out with my friend at the moment and I was telling him.how I saw a video someone posted on here about a glitch in Heavy Rain. It is like at the end of the game where you're confronting the origami killer

#2 Edited by Skooky (481 posts) -

  I think this is it.

#3 Posted by Baillie (4318 posts) -

... And the character your playing as keeps shouting Jason! Can anyone help me by posting it!? I'll be extremely thankful! And sorry for this double post. I'm on a phone and can't edit!

#4 Posted by Maajin (1098 posts) -

Jesus Christ, that's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life.

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