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A side scrolling shooter produced by Taito in 1989, it never received the kind of recognition of their main shooter series at the time -Darius.  While the giant robot of the player's ship different from the traditional space craft of most shooters, Heavy Unit featured very limited gameplay options when compared to the likes of Gradius or R-Type.  In addition, the very organic and rough art style of the game, as well as the high level of difficulty, ranked Heavy Unit as a minor release on the PC-Engine, which was a platform already well served by the genre.


MCR-X09 'Heavy Unit' - the main character's ship, a slightly transformable giant robot.

Death Blinger - Scene 1 boss, and unfortunate victim of Japanese to English translation.

Flap Bone - Scene 2 boss.

Float Fortress - Scene 3 boss.

Hard Shell II - Scene 4 boss.

MVR-000 - Scene 5 boss.


Scrolling from left to right, the player must navigate each level by destrying enemies and avoiding level hazards.  In the course of the game, the player can collect a number of powerups - Speed Up, Power Booster, Shield Unit, Transformer, and Extend Player.

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