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Overview & Gameplay

Hebereke's Popoon plays similar to other Puyo Puyo type games (such as Kirby's Avalanche or Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) in that the player must form rows of at least three blobs of a similar color to eliminate them. These three must be in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Clearing three blobs creates a "trash" item that is sent to the opposing player. These trash items, which appear as the player character's face, must be eliminated by placing an identically-colored blob next to it: This gets rid of the trash but doesn't send any back.

Should the player destroy two groups at once (or one after the other in a chain reaction), they send an entire row of heads to their opponent. Chains of three or four create special effects that could cause devastation for the opposing player, or greatly assist the player who creates them. These special effects are unique to each character.

Players must be vigilant in clearing the trash, while also forming lines of three or four normal blobs in order to keep their opponents busy. Whichever side reaches the top first loses. In single-player mode, Hebereke must defeat all his friends one after the other in order to escape the floating island he finds himself on.

This game stars all the characters available in the NES game Ufouria: The Saga, now with their original Japanese names. These characters include:

  • Hebereke, a white penguin with a beanie cap, known as Bop-Louie in Ufouria. His head icon is blue-colored.
  • Oh-Chan, either a cat or a human in a cat suit. Was once depicted as a (male) lizard known as Freeon-Leon in Ufouria. Her head icons are orange-colored.
  • Sukezaemon, a ghost wearing shades and a pink cap, once known as Shades. His head icon is pink-colored because of his cap.
  • Jennifer, a male frog with big lips. Was called Gil in Ufouria. His head icon is green-colored.
  • Boo, a purple bird. Wasn't in Ufouria. Her head icon is purple.
  • Ufu (sometimes Utsu), a cat alien or an alien in a cat suit. His head icon is yellow.
  • Pen, another penguin. His head icon is purple-colored.
  • Unyo, an alien in a helmet. His head icon is gray.

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