Hector fun but overpriced.

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The games really funny but really short. Too bad I didn't inform myself better before I bought it, I just really liked the writing. Paying 9$/9€(lol) for an Iphone Port with a couple of bugs whereby the original costs 3$ is just a bit disturbing. Also apparently the sound quality is broken compared to the iphone version (I thought its still acceptable, since pure voice even still sounds OK @ 128kbits). Yeah, so you might want to consider not buying it.

Edit: I also just realized that you can get it for 10$ from the TT store with an EU Ip.
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The price hike for the PC version does seem a bit lame. Guess I'll have to wait until it goes on sale. 

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Is it, like, the parts in the QL and then talking down the hostage and that's it?

That price-hike does seem rather extortionate.
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Well the Hostage neogtiation is pretty long, so there is some more gameplay. I guess it's all in all about 3 hours.

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Agreed, very fun but a bit pricey. I bought the iPod/Phone version for £2.39, which I thought was acceptable, but the price on Steam (which is where I first saw it) is too much for two-or-thereabouts hours of play.

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They had to remake the whole game using the same art assets in Telltale's engine, and then they had to put in all the new hints and stuff. $10 is a little steep for 2 hours, but you know, it's a really funny and fun game.

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#7 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Hey its 10$ what could you buy for 10$ brand new that would give you 3 hours of quality fun

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#8 Posted by Garris (303 posts) -

I just picked up the first episode for 99 cents on the app store here we go

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@Garris: The first is still my favorite but the second is pretty good as well. It's also longer than the first. Third is a little disappointing.

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Not too pricey in my opinion.

<--*wink wink!*

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