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Hector LeMans is the primary antagonist in the 1998 LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango. He is voiced by James K. Ward. Hector appears throughout the game as a tall, bottom-heavy skeleton wearing a cream-colored suit and a red fez. He often carries a Sproutella revolver, the weapon of choice for criminals in the Land of the Dead.

Hector with his stolen Double-N tickets
Hector with his stolen Double-N tickets

Although characters in Grim Fandango rarely offer insight into their past lives, over the course of the game it becomes clear that Hector has committed terrible crimes against many souls, both living and dead. He eliminates anyone who opposes him or has outlived their usefulness, and this murderous streak has allowed Hector to claw his way to the top of the organized crime hierarchy in the Eighth Underworld. After hatching a plan with Don Copal and Domino Hurley to steal valuable Double-N train tickets from the Department of Death's clientele, Hector gains enough wealth and power from selling counterfeit tickets to transform the city of El Marrow into a neon-drenched den of sin and vice over the next three years, renaming the city "Nuevo Marrow" in the process. Hector intends to keep the authentic Double-N tickets he stole for himself; in his own words, he has "been a very bad boy" and believes he can use the entire stash of tickets to buy his way into the Ninth Underworld despite his dark past.

Hector's criminal career eventually comes to a violent end at the hands of Manny Calavera, a former travel agent for the DOD whose exploits across the Eighth Underworld helped to loosen Hector's stranglehold over Nuevo Marrow.

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