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The Hek is a semi-automatic Grineer shotgun that goes into the primary weapon slot of your loadout; the weapon is named for Grineer boss Councilor Vay Hek, who uses it during his boss battle in the game. It is a highly damaging weapon that is effective even at medium range due to its tight spread. It only has a four-shot clip, however, and is known to have significant recoil. The Hek's appearance is that of a double-barreled shotgun with an over-under barrel design; the twin barrels sit vertically instead of horizontally on the gun frame. It works well against armored enemies (ironic considering the Grineer, the weapon's manufacturer, have mostly armored units), has a high chance of inflicting status effects, and has some of the highest damage per shot of the shotgun class of weapons in the game.

The weapon's blueprint as well as the weapon itself can be purchased in the marketplace for credits or Platinum, respectively, but you must be Mastery Level 4 in order to craft and use the weapon. Once you have the blueprint, you will need additional credits as well as neurodes, circuits, salvage, and rubedo in order to craft it. The last four are all materials that can be found as random drops on various worlds. For example, Venus missions can give circuits, Earth missions can give neurodes and rubedo, and Mars missions give a large quantity of salvage; you will often only need one or two mission playthroughs at the least, depending on the mission type, to get as much salvage as is needed for the Hek build.

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