PS3 auto-save glitch?

#1 Posted by Rumpleforeskin (45 posts) -

Every so often during auto-saves this game will hard lock my PS3 up, this happen to anyone else? This is the only game I've ever had that happen in. Other than that this game seems great, I love the art and craziness of it all.

#2 Edited by Rmack (1105 posts) -

@Rumpleforeskin: It's happening to me, too.

#3 Posted by bushlemon (256 posts) -

I haven't had it lock up whilst quick saving but it has locked up once on the loading screen

#4 Posted by SargeGulp (245 posts) -

It's happened to me as well.

#5 Posted by VaultBoy (203 posts) -

Yeah, it's happened to me a few times. Seems like you can reboot the system and no data is saved though.

#6 Posted by BR00KSIE (47 posts) -

Same here. It usually happens when the game auto saves. Also has anybody noticed the audio cutting out a bit when the music loops?

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