This topic write-up absolutely sucks

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For Dante's Inferno to be mentioned 3 times in this arcticle... shouldn't someone have read it?
Contrary to the books title, Dante's inferno doesn't depict hell as on fire. Each sinner is cast into a different "room" of hell that has a punishment fitting their particular crime. Some people are on fire, yes, but most are not, like the liars who toil in a pile of poo all day and the suicides who are constantly thrown about in a whirling gale. Satan himself resides in the center of hell in a block of ice.

I don't know what book the person who wrote this was reading, but it wasn't Dante's Inferno.

Also, Hell was portrayed as flaming well before Dante's Inferno. One book in particular. The Bible.

How could an entry about Hell not mention the game Hell? Or even Hell's depiction in Earthworm Jim?
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No need to post, just fix it.

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So why don't you rewrite it?

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Good finds, now go rewrite it!

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All right seeing as I'm the one who expanded on this article originally I've since then checked up on it, and the Dante's Inferno references are pretty fucking wrong, don't know how long they've been there I'll expand this article and add more stuff. I have to start somewhere I used to be around #213 in points now I'm 308 have not written anything in a while.

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See I've fixed this bitch up and added a large Dante's Inferno section, Huzzah!

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relax dude. you don't like it change it. and stop acting like you know so much about hell. 

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