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Yeah, Hellboy is in this game if you didn't know.
The game follows Hellboy as he begins investigating the happenings in a small town in Romania. While trying to track down a witch who is causing a stir in the small town, Hellboy unravels the inklings of a Nazi plot. The game then jumps back and forth between different time periods in the past, as well as present day investigations, all lending themselves to solving the Nazi-caper. The Nazi scheme in question is orchestrated by Hermon von Klempt, a Nazi scientist (who ends up becoming a brain in a jar), and somehow results in many mind-controlled gorillas. 


The game is your basic beat-em up, with different attacks linked to various face buttons on the controller. You also gain access to Hellboy's gun, which allows for various power ups in the forms of different bullets. There are nine types of ammunition in total as certain types only appear in some levels. Most are used for opponents like "Heavy", "Gernade" and "Splinter" ammo, others can be used during the game’s puzzles like "Ignite" to light beacons or "Release" to destroy vines. Additional types of ammunition like "Charge" can only be obtained by defeating certain enemies with a finishing move.The player punches, bashes, shoots, and pries apart various enemies, ranging from zombies, witches, gnomes, Nazis and Nazi gorillas. In the single player game, the player controls Hellboy, with no option to choose another character. In the co-operative gameplay, the player initiating the game takes control of Hellboy, and player 2 either chooses Liz Sherman or Abe Sapien. Both Liz and Abe have their own unique move sets.

Missing Achievements and DLC

On the retail disc, the game only has 840 achievement points. In accordance to Microsoft's Achievement Rules, every game is required to have 1,000 points either on the retail disc or via free D.L.C.. Likely due to the game's poor sales, Konami never released the levels or character necessary to allow for the final 160 points. In the D.L.C., the character Lobster Johnson is playable. In the game manual, the credits show Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead fame) credited as a secret character. He's stated in various interviews that he voices Lobster Johnson. The four missing achievements are the following:
  • Taste the Lobsters Claw- Complete Chapter 7 - 50G
  • Self Service- Complete Chapter 8 - 50G
  • Pulp Faction- Completed any multiplayer Chapter as Lobster on Xbox Live - 50G
  • Killer Kitsch- Defeated 25 enemies with the Flamingo - 10G
The missing achievements have led to various petitions, but to no avail, as Konami hasn't stated any plans or response in regards to releasing the content, given that the game is a sub-par waste of time.

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