sins_of_mosin's Hellboy: The Science of Evil (Xbox 360) review

Not as bad as some would say.

I'm a fan of Hellboy and the first movie (still waiting to see the second) so I was curious to see how well the game was. Visuals are nice and the sound is decent. Controls could use some fine tuning. There are a few bugs in the game and the most annoying one is the grapping the enemy one. It really don't become a factor until later in the game and can be very annoying when dealing with the larger creatures. Nearly as annoying is having to reload after every shot. Hellboy has a six shot revolver so why is he having to reload between each shot? It's not like the shots do much damage anyway (yeah the crystal bullets are cool but thats only for one level). Game has no difficulty settings so the game gets a tad more difficult near the end but pretty much anyone can burn thru this game with no problem. At a retail price of $60, even hardcore Hellboy fans would joke on that price. The co-op does add some much needed replay value but unless you can find it for $30, I would rent it.


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    It’s safe to say that I’m quite a Hellboy fan. The world created in the two movies is fantastic, and I just love the character - even taking the time to dabble in the comic books. Hellboy: The Science of Evil dips in to both these mediums, creating a universe more suited to the comics whilst also borrowing elements from the films. Sadly, it fails to live up to the name, descending to a place far worse than hell itself… mediocrity. There’s not really much of a story to talk about. You’re basical...

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    This game does come out about 2 weeks before the movie, which is peculiar. That is, until, you learn it has nothing to do with the movie's story. You can still call this game a movie-game, but it doesn't really try to. It just happens to stumble upon that curse. Pros The graphics and artistic direction is mostly original. Hellboy has a pretty nice model. Cons Simple combat gets boring fast. Online co-op is boring and the controls lag behind. Story is directed in an uninteresting way. Puzzle e...

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