What the hell is this game?

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The screenshots look absolutely terrible, and yet this game has the best name ever.  What is this game?

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Sleeper hit of the year no doubt.

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Hope this satisfies you.
Its some how related to the two desperados games which also feautured john cooper the second most generic name ever. If you dont know those games search them but there these western tactics games that were so popular that in scandinavia you could get them with kellogs cerial. Actually not such a lame game and to be fair the cereal version was only 2 levels stil...

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So more info these game (Heldorado) wa announced as an expansion for Desperados: 2 Custers revenge but was made into a full game and released in Germany in erarly 2007 and later that year in other european countries.

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great name for a game. idk what it is though

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I own it. Graphically, you're right, its not a very pretty game, but I have enjoyed it so far regardless. Imagine an RTS game like Starcraft, or for a better example the first two fallouts, except you only have 1-6 units at a time and its entirely stealth based, and you're thinking in the right direction. essentially you sneak around various historical locals, knocking out guards with your group of hero characters. they all have several abilities, and a few of them have special combined actions they can do with one another. You can also switch into "action mode" on one of the caracters and control him directly in an over the shoulder view, which helps out a lot when you get caught. My only real gripe is that characters have no will of their own. For example, if during movement the characters get spotted and shot at, they will not draw their guns until you tell them to do so.  They will be content to get shot right the hell up as you tell the whole group to finally start shooting.

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Actually, there's a lot easier explanation to what Desperados/Helldorado is.

You know Commandos? Then it's Commandos in the Wild West with an optional TPP mode for aiming.

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