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I Thought London was Bigger Than This? 0

Graphics:- This title notably comes in two flavors DX 9 and DX 10. Unfortunately, I really cannot tell a drastic difference other than a notable memory leak when playing in DX 10 mode.- The models, environment, and monsters look very nice. The armors and weapons offer nice texturing, and some have some great lighting effects. Almost all of the environment's are cookie cutter in fashion, battlegrounds may be different whenever you go back to them, but the changes aren't substantial, and feel reha...

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Servers are dead, but the single-player lives on 0

The GoodIf you've heard anything about Hellgate: London, it’s likely been negative. Regarded as one of the biggest flops of 2007, the high-profile involvement of several Diablo II alums only resulted in high-profile fallout when the studio collapsed shortly after Hellgate‘s release.The demise of Flagship Studios ended up overshadowing the actual gameplay of Hellgate, and while you can no longer play this online, the single-player game is still quite available. This single-player aspect is what ...

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Old Review: Hellgate London 0

Enter Hellgate London, made by people who we're a part of the diablo team, you fight for against an infinite demon army taking over the world (well maybe just London, who knows). You choose to play as one of six professions : Blademaster, a melee warrior with high burst damage capabilities, but medium to low defense. Guardsman, a melee warrior with extremely high defensive capabilities, decent healing abilities and the ability to taunt mobs. Marksman, a ranged firearm specialist with high d...

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Strange Cargo 0

Both myself and a friend were having a great time with the game, until we hit the official forums. For some reason, they just make you want to quit in spades. Now, I'm not saying I (or my friend) are easily swayed. I am saying that the forums for HG:L are a mystical black void where very few return from unscathed.The game has it's bugs and flaws sure (the only reason the game lost a star), but what other game integrates RPG skill-like progression, modifiable weapons, unique offerings regarding g...

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Short and sweet review this time :D 0

I am going to keep this one short, summarising each of the good and parts into the good and the bad section, instead of writing an essay, this will be a fairly easy to read review!The game takes place in London, year 2038. After a rift to Hell opened up and demons scoured the world the remnants of humanity have hidden in the rubble. You, however, are not satisfied to simply survived, and have begun to fight back and try to find a way to close the rifts. While the game isn't too bad as far as bl...

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Diablo Goes to Hell (In a Bad Way) 0

 *This Review is from initial release*Fans of Diablo, rejoice! For this is the game that we've been waiting for. Hellgate: London is brought to you straight from the makers of Blizzard's Diablo. Diablo was pretty much their game before World of Warcraft. If you were to pop in your Diablo II disc, you'll still find thousands to game with. The story isn't where it's about. It's the loot. Most role-playing games are so involved in the story that you really don't get to enjoy the action. It's basica...

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