momentarylogic's Hellgate: London (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

Strange Cargo

Both myself and a friend were having a great time with the game, until we hit the official forums. For some reason, they just make you want to quit in spades. Now, I'm not saying I (or my friend) are easily swayed. I am saying that the forums for HG:L are a mystical black void where very few return from unscathed.

The game has it's bugs and flaws sure (the only reason the game lost a star), but what other game integrates RPG skill-like progression, modifiable weapons, unique offerings regarding game mechanics, and free multiplayer? The first run of the game will last about 30-40 hours, and it certainly doesn't end there..


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    Graphics:- This title notably comes in two flavors DX 9 and DX 10. Unfortunately, I really cannot tell a drastic difference other than a notable memory leak when playing in DX 10 mode.- The models, environment, and monsters look very nice. The armors and weapons offer nice texturing, and some have some great lighting effects. Almost all of the environment's are cookie cutter in fashion, battlegrounds may be different whenever you go back to them, but the changes aren't substantial, and feel reha...

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