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Henpecked Hou is a bun master by trade and is working as a cook in the Pilgrim's Rest Inn in the Great Southern Forest. when the player first meets him The player meets Hou while investigating a great problem with the forest itself. Hou is only kept alive at the time so he can cook for the demon canibals. The player liberates Hou and Hou becomes a member of his party.

Hou cannot fight but only acts as a support character, teaching drunken master and throwing wine bottles to the player to keep up drunken master during fights. He was once a champion fighter himself but gave up his career at the behest of his wife. His wife is described in conversations with Hou as huge, domineering, and mean, creating Hou's status of Henpecked. Conversations with Hou after your time at the Inn do not progress the plot, but they do provide a lot of comedic moments in his descriptions of his marital life. The player can only play drunken master while Hou is selected as the support character.

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