rutger_strahd's Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (Nintendo DS) review

5 star idea; 3 star game

I just finished this game. I forced myself to do it, though. I agree with everyone else here that the concept is great! At first I had a lot of fun switching between the platform and puzzle game, but it got old pretty quick. Henry Hatsworth is a little above average platformer combined with a little below average puzzle game. The difficulty ramps up real quick about the time you hit the later stages of World 3. I liked some of the layouts of the stages but there were areas where you had to hit precise points to avoid spikes/enemies/etc. On a small DS screen it wasn't always easy to see where you were. The save system, too, is frustrating. I'm playing this on a DS - games should be designed for quick play. But the stages take about 30 minutes or so to get through and you can't save within a stage. The story was kind of bland and the ending predictable. Again, wonderful concept, mediocre execution.


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