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Radio Show

Those listening to Galaxy News Radio have probably heard Herbert Dashwood's radio show, in which he and his ghoul friend Argyle try to survive in the Wasteland.

Escape From Paradise Falls

The show starts off with "Escape From Paradise Falls" in which Herbert and Argyle have become enslaved in the compound. Argyle manages to break off the slave collars successfully, but before leaving they decide to rescue a female locked inside "The Box". After taking out a guard and retrieving the key, Argyle opens The Box only to find it empty. A guard sneaks up behind them and is about to recapture the two when the female, named Penelope Chase, comes up behind the guard and takes him out.

Super Mutant Mayhem

After leaving Paradise Falls and killing the slavers, the group is found by a Super Mutant. Argyle manages to sneak around and successfully plants a grenade in the Mutants pocket, blowing him to pieces. Herbert explains how Argyle has saved his life many times in the past.

In The Black Widow's Web

Herbert Dashwood decides to take the group back to Rockopolis, much to Argyle's dismay (for he didn't want to reveal the location to a stranger). After getting in, Argyle's suspicions come true and Penelope pulls a gun on them.

Between Rockopolis And A Hard Place

Argyle saves Herbert's life after literally ripping the heart out of Penelope Chase. The boss shows up and yells at the two for leading the slavers to Rockopolis. The group heads outside where Herbert falls down the edge of a cliff. Argyle goes to save him, and the show ends without concluding.

Tenpenny Tower

The player can find Herbert Dashwood in his room in Tenpenny Tower. They can then talk to him and get some information. He possess a key to the generator room under the tower. He also has a terminal in his room where he provides descriptions on some of the locations and creatures of The Capital Wasteland.

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