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Hermana is a feisty 13-year-old street orphan the group meets upon their return to the capital city of Regnum, and reveals herself to be an Avatar like the rest. Upon awakening to her power, she joins the group and leaves the other orphans she's been protecting with a caretaker. She talks with a streetwise accent and isn't particularly booksmart, though has plenty of common sense for her young age. She's particularly fond of food and often wants to try out the local delicacies of whatever region she's in.

Hermana is a fast hand-to-hand attacker with a deceptively high amount of strength for her slight frame. She is limited in her attack range, though is able to combo very efficiently and keep an enemy air-juggled. She's also adept at many different types of elemental spells, without being a master of any of them, making her a versatile spell-user.

Hermana's former self was that of the dragon Vritra, an exceptionally long-lived and wise creature that often talked with Asura and accompanied him into battle. After Asura and the other Devalokians were all killed by an unknown calamity that the game builds up to explaining, Vritra was left as the only survivor. Vritra subsequently spent centuries in solitude before finally succumbing to old age. As such, Hermana constantly feels a profound sense of loneliness from her memories as Vritra, something the party tries to remedy by cheering her up and supporting her.

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