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#1 Posted by YogX (12 posts) -

And I love this game :)!

Anyone else?

#2 Posted by dbol (92 posts) -

Nobody else.

#3 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

<The End>

#4 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -


#5 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -

Never heard of it.

#6 Posted by RoboRobb (1090 posts) -

First time I've heard of it, any good?

#7 Posted by YogX (12 posts) -

@RoboRobb: It's a turn-based strategy game. Really balanced and really fun.

My username is YogX - download it on the iPhone and start a game :)

#8 Edited by handlas (2929 posts) -

yes i loved it. Then I deleted it. 20 games allowed at a time i think and nothing but people that play a couple moves and then never touch the games again. Can't make any new games. So either I gotta let it sit there forever or resign the game which is like losing. So....delete.

#9 Posted by SweetJ (15 posts) -

They raised the game cap to 40. I love this game.

#10 Posted by Kidavenger (3919 posts) -

Bring it out on Android!

I want to play.

#11 Posted by Fallen189 (5327 posts) -

I am playing the fuck out of this game

#12 Posted by Saadnation (36 posts) -

I am a huge fan, I can't wait for the Dwarves to come out on Tuesday

#13 Posted by pwnmachine (425 posts) -

This game is garbage...

#14 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

So, are the humans just impossible to win with now that the dwarves are out? I've been maining humans because the dark elves' strategy is kind of obtuse, but dark elves and especially dwarves seem way more powerful. I haven't seen a dark elf v dwarf game, but humans just seem really weak right now.

#15 Posted by Saadnation (36 posts) -

@Little_Socrates: I play this game constantly and with all three teams. I honestly believe that this game is so well balanced, any team could win. I actually pick randomly most of the time (even in my ranked matches).

The Dwarves are very weak and also have no revive potion. They are much better at taking out the crystals and can't really fight the elves and dwarves in the long game

#16 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

@Saadnation: I went and did some research on the HeroAcademy forums and found roughly the same thing. I'm still not sure Humans beat Elves very often, but it's more balanced than I thought.

#17 Posted by WallyPleasant (7 posts) -

Anyone pick this game up now that it's on Steam?? I agree with handlas that it's tough to get a good game going with randoms. So if anyone wants to play, send me an invite, username Akennah. And I've found some great guides on strategies for the Dwarves. I thought they were pretty useless too, but they're not so terrible once I altered my strategy a bit. The hardest part for me was that the Paladin is both their healer and their tank. I usually keep all healers in the back and away from trouble, but if you do that you have no one to absorb damage.

#18 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4012 posts) -

@WallyPleasant: Hey so that's who added me, I was wondering where the game invite came from. Yeah Hero Academy is so good. I've been playing it nonstop for a few weeks now and managed to get my friends hooked on it. So awesome.

#19 Posted by KiLlerBLT (63 posts) -

I'm kpvarner if anyone wants to play. Send me a challenge, I love this game!

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