12 years later... Anybody still playing this?

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It's one of those games that don't age. I've been playing it pretty much since it's release and still have that excitement and joy from attacking the last standing castle on the map with all kinds of 7th level units. And I'm not even a fan of TBS games.
Anybody still digging this classic? Share your favourite towns, heroes, units, strategies etc.

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Personally I'm not playing it anymore but yes there is still a decent hardcore following. Tho it's mostly centered around the few fan websites and mod communities. And HoMM3 is still after all considered to be the pinnacle of the series and fantasy TBS in general, and people will always be playing the classics. I'm just not the type of person to stick to one game. But will always have fond memories of seedy LAN games in shitty gaming parlors. Or stalemate games with my dad where we usually never finished maps either because of balanced forces and huge maps or when one of us was in a clear winning position anyway.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of people on GB with the love for the series tho if HoMM6 release was any indication of activity.

Besides myself there is that i know of for sure.

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#3 Posted by Firepaw (3031 posts) -

I'm not playing it anymore, but I loved it and I have plenty of fond memories playing the game.

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#4 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (111 posts) -

I`ll still play Heroes 3 every so often, but doesn`t everyone do that with their favourite games?

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#5 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14408 posts) -

Every now and again, when I get the inclination to do so. Of course, the problem for that game is that since I started playing it like 12 years ago I end up resorting to the same strategies I used as a kid. Heroes II and V are also favorites of mine, and while I don't play it all that much I do think that Heroes IV is unfairly maligned. I think I wrote about it at some point last year.

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