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Hey fellow GB HoNners, Octazooka or Nytrik here. 

I figured I'd say something about the place to watch competitive HoN. 

For those who don't know, the competitive scene for HoN is pretty decent and thriving at the moment. It really suprises me that some HoN players don't even know about Honcast! 

Honcast covers all the competitive games that they're scheduled to with full shoutcasting hosts who (for the most part) know what they're talking about. They cover games that are happening live every so often, so just have to check in on the site to see if they're live.  They also run a small podcast that I know of, though I've never listened to it. I know it exists but I can't recommend for or against it, so try it if you dare. 
Watching competitive play can also help you become a better player. From watching better players I got more and more used to the entire idea and practice of "last hitting".

So it does help you a lot as far as getting more familiar with the game. This means learning item builds, hero composition for lanes, and even hero roles. 

A member of the honcast crew also does videos to help players learn how to play certain heroes. Nigma's guides are great, and I used to use them to familiarize myself with all the heroes he does videos for. 

Gee, this sounds kind of like I work for Honcast. I really don't I just love the site hah. 


All in all, great site for HoN, and I'd suggest looking into it if you want to improve, or just see how competitive HoN works. 

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