New to the game?

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Starting out

First things first

  1. Join the Giant Bomb channel (/join giantbomb) and click auto-connect on the top right.
  2. Ask for an invite to the Giant Bomb Community clan [GB0]. (I'm working on actually forming the clan, message me if you want to help / join)
  3. Play the tutorial. It's the open book icon near the center of the screen. Go on, I'll wait.

Your first games

  1. Let everyone in the #Giantbomb channel know that you are new and ask if there's any friendly games you can join.
  2. Listen to the other players' advice and apply it as best as you can, but here's the short version: it's a team game; don't die.

  1. Go into Matchmaking right off the bat, casual mode is recommended because it is more forgiving. Stay away from public games as it is very likely that you will be stomped by a coordinated 5-man team.
  2. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you get a feel for the game and a have a few favorite heroes.

Choose to get better

  1. Watch Nigma's Basic Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 .
  2. Watch Nigma's Guide to Being a Better Player .
  3. Use the Yet another Big Hero Guide! wisely. Print out guides for your favorite heroes if you can't alt-tab mid-game.
  4. Read  From 1400 to 1780: how a non-Dota player climbed his way to mediocrity (pub allstardom) to keep you in the right mind-set.


  • Don't be a jerk . Cussing out other players is not ok! But feel free to tell them they suck and why.
  • Don't play public games, they are a deranged version of what the game is supposed to be and the home of pubstompers. Also, you won't get any Goblin Coins here. Public games are for when you just want to dick around with your friends and also the only option if there's 6 or more people who want to play together.
  • Don't resort to cheap tricks like Ninja-hosting to bump your PSR, you'll just get pushed back down again, hard!
  • More to come!


Why Losing is OK

The thing about Heroes of Newerth is that the learning curve is huge and, while you are still learning to crawl, you will be pitted against some very experienced players. The Match Making Ranking (MMR) system is the game's attempt to balance things out. You start with 1500 MMR, this rating goes higher or lower when you win or lose a match. If you are new, don't be afraid to lose a few matches and drop into the 1200-1300 MMR range, in fact, I recommend it! There you will be among equals, people still new or trying to learn, providing you a fair challenge.

Winning and Losing

You will lose and you will win. There is no middle ground. You must accept this. In fact, winning generates MMR, pitting you against stronger players, which will in turn kick your butt, making you lose MMR, pitting you against weaker players. This never-ending alternation between victory and defeat is to be expected. After a while, you will stabilize in an MMR range that best describes your skill level.

Well, that sounds kind of dumb" I hear you say, "what's the point, then? If I can't steadily climb up the ladder? What's the point of winning if it brings with it an inevitable defeat?" If you are indeed getting better, you will very slowly over many weeks start to notice an increase in your MMR. In a way, it reflects your true skill, pushing you back down if you had 4 lucky wins, but letting you hang around if you are deserving. The point is, you get better MMR from learning about the game, reading guides and practicing, not trying to steal a few meaningless wins. The other point is it's not a competition ! It's there to help you identify people's skill and keep your games balanced and that's all, the top 100 don't get any special treatment or recognition, the tournament winners do.



"So I have stabilized in the 1300's, I am happy here, this is where I belong. Opponents are hard but not too hard, I win half the time and there's not as many morons here." Now you have to make your most important decision in Heroes of Newerth, here's your 2 choices:
  • Play. You know the basics of the game. You have a populated friends list and a cool little group with whom you enjoy playing. Gather enough Goblin Coins to buy that cool skin for your favorite hero or your country's flag. But most importantly, learn to have fun in a competitive environment.
  • Get better. Study the game. Watch the video tutorials. Ask your friends for advice. Strive for a higher MMR where you will find the mediocre players. It might take months, but you will eventually stabilize once more, this time in the 1500's. Suddenly your heart beats faster, your hands move on their own and you are pulling off double-kills against pretty good players!

Crossroads 2.0 (for +1700MMR players)

Of course, the choice will present itself again, but this time the stakes will be higher: play around in the 1700's or join a clan? Look, at this point, you have my permission to relax. You know everything there is to know about the mechanics of the game, you are experienced with a multitude of heroes, familiar with almost all the items and, generally, the only thing holding you back is your natural skill level. If you haven't realized it yet, Heroes of Newerth is a game built specifically for competitive play. Unlike other games, there's never more players in one team than the other, you cannot join a match mid-game and there are pause and remake options. In other games, these conditions only replicate themselves in "tournament mode" or something close to that. In HoN, they are always there.


Watching the pros play can really help your game. I'm just going to quote Jayrod here: watching shoutcasts is "especially useful for learning item counters, checking out item builds and learning the macro aspects of the game (when to push, why you should always be ready to teleport somewhere, the importance of towers and map control, etc.)"

Lots of user posted shoutcasts (with varying levels of commentator quality), videos hosted on youtube (360p to 720p)

Commentary by BreakyCPK (always fun to listen to), podcasts, interviews and easy access to the very best shoutcasts


Yet Another Big Hero Guide!

Mini-guides for all 65 heroes. General information on hero difficulty and hero roles.


The original home of Nigma. In addition to the previously mentioned videos, you'll find many detailed hero guides, also stuff on laning , jungling , hero roles , items , etc. Guide Section

Nigma moved here, where he hosts "Training Ground Friday" and some kind of "Top 10 Plays of the Week"


You can install user made UI mods, often customizable, that might even get into the game later (depending on their popularity). It is important to note that these are not cheats, as they will not give you maphack or extra damage or anything like that, they are more similar to World of Warcraft add-ons, helping with keybinds, custom sounds, fonts, UI, etc. For detailed install instructions, check out my Heroes of Newerth Mods Guide .

More to come!

More to come!

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"New to the Game?" Changelog

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First things first

-Don't get fooled by kind words, this game is full of dicks.
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@Detrian: so true. expect dicks everywhere. think high level play (>1800) = less dicks? hell no.
beware of dicks, my friends.
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i support this topic  
i dont support double posting 
so it cancels out 

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I played a game with good old Tenshin yesterday,excellent stuff. Helped out my game and I really did enjoy it. 
"The community sucks." Of course it does :) So let's all start playing together,BOOM problem solved.  

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@kishan6 said:

" i support this topic  i dont support double posting so it cancels out  "

You're either joking or don't visit many other forums. What the OP did is common practice for people who expect to need a second post for more/different information at a later date. It's fairly common on forums that have restrictions on the length of a post (i.e., most of them).
If I played this game I would totally join up, but I don't. Good luck with this whole thing, though. These DotA based games really need somewhere friendly to get started because of the aforementioned dicks.
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Thanks for the support, everyone. I'll update again this weekend, nearly done with college. Peace.

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good post mate, i've been playing HoN for a little while now and I love it.  
I've seen the topic in here of that guy who was complaining how horrible the community was, but who in fact left after 13 minutes into the game. To be honest, the community is not that bad, it is yes, elitist, but I believe that the system works, I mean it keeps the noobs (like the guy who started the topic I was talking earlier) away, while keeping the players who really want to pay their dues and sweat it out. I don't see it being such a bad thing as it's not the quantity, but the quality that matters. 
I've been having a terrible time as of late, losing 5 in a row yesterday and losing alot of PSR, but you won't see me complaining how hard the game is, because the learning curve is indeed very steppe, I've played 150 games (Beta + Retail), and I'm learning new strategies everyday, by watching other people play and watching some replays on So people will just have to understand that HoN is not a pick up and play type of game and some effort is required to fully enjoy it.

with that said, add me : mYslead

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@myslead: Added you :) 
I know there are more giantbombers who play HON :D We need to play together sometime guys :)
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we definitely do...  
just lost my 6th straight 
it's getting ridiculous lol

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Worst community i've ever seen in my life. Skip this game and fuck those players. Seriously.

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I hover at about 1.0 kill/death ratio so I am no elite player, but I do have a very good idea about strategy and counters, I have played DotA for many years and have been playing HoN for many months, so I will hop on and join the clan once it's up and say hi in the channel in a few days when I finish exams.

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What do you think about Stat vs No stat? I haven't played a stat game because I'm scared. >__>

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Stats games are good because stuff is actually at stake. It forces people to play the game, rather than just screw around. No stats is good for learning the ropes, but once you know what you're doing you should definitely mainly play stats games.

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Damn I should really update this... PSR is outdated now.

 What do you think about Stat vs No stat? I haven't played a stat game because I'm scared. >__> 

Agree with Mageknight. No-stats games are abundant with people who get killed once and rage quit, because there's absolutely no penalties or records of it. You'll have very crushing losses due to teammates ragequitting or very disappointing victories due to opponents ragequitting. It's useful to practice early-game or try a hero you are completely clueless about. :)

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Is the clan still active? I would love to join.

#18 Posted by Mageknight (138 posts) -

We don't have a clan yet, unfortunately. Try hanging out in the Giantbomb channel (add it to autojoin!) and maybe we can get enough people in there one day that we can start something.

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Great information here! The link to the beginners guides by Nigma are especially helpful. I've been playing for a few months and starting to really get into it, persistance is definitely the key.

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