Starting up a HoN Giant Bomb Clan

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The clan's aim is to provide a fun, friendly environment to Giant Bomb users in Heroes of Newerth. Simple as that. The game is as tough as they come and this initiative would go a long way not only to help people learn the ropes but also:
  • Prevent individuals players from being pubstomped
  • Get enough players together that we can have 10 man in-house practice matches
  • Bringing together people who like videogames in general

How to join

  1. Join the Giant Bomb channel (/join giantbomb) and click auto-connect on the top right.
  2. Ask for an invite to the Giant Bomb Community clan [GB0].(clan is not active yet, read below)

Forming the clan

So there is no definitive name yet. GB G-B GiB GBo everything is taken, so we'll have to come up with another tag (GB0 is available, but meh) and even a full name, feel free to leave suggestions in your replies.
Edit: Turns out we can have a 4 character tag.
For the actual forming of the clan, please simply join the giantbomb channel in-game and as soon as we have 5 people around we can make it a reality. Tag and name can be changed later, I believe. 

Who's in it, duder?

I've had the chance to play with D1pstick and myslead and I can tell you that there is some really cool potential here. We've got good people in Giant Bomb and you should definitely give the game (and the clan) a chance. Or "another" chance, if you're not playing anymore!
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I'll check it out. I'm Sedrik4 on HoN.

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yeah, come play with us ahah

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I'm in! Oh wait,I already was! HAR HAR :D

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I'm Octazooka, if this is still a relevant thread. Hopefully I'm not bumping from the graveyard. 

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