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Hekseville is made up of four districts; Auldnoir, Pleajeune, Endestria, and Vendecentre. Auldnoir is the first section of the city that is accessible and where Kat first awakens. It appears to be a primarily residential district, though has several shops within it. Pleajeune is split into two distinct sections. One containing the only school in Hekseville and the other serving home to the entertainment of the city, this seems to primarily consist of brothels. Endestria is the industrial side of Hekseville and is made up of factories and smoke stacks. Lastly is Vendecentre, the massive downtown district of Hekseville which features numerous skyscrapers (these may be called something else since every building in Hekseville scrapes the sky) and bustling crowds.

Despite appearances, Hekseville is not a floating city, but rather is built around the middle of a pillar that stretches both up and down for an unknown length.

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