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Hi-Roller Battle is an on-rails helicopter game designed for the Pioneer LaserActive. The game has the player piloting an AH1S copter through multiple missions. The game features full 3D graphics, a soundtrack along with voice over and FMV sequences.


J-land is stockpiling weapons of mass destruction and plans to use them on the west. J-land isn't part of the United Nations making negotiations impossible. The government has been spying on J-land for years but after a secret task force whose mission was to destroy J-land's weapons disappear, you are sent in.

The player takes the role of a hi-roller, an elite helicopter squadron composed of the best. The game is told through text and voiceovers as well as mission screens. The game also features FMV of helicopters flying and destroying targets.


In Hi-Roller Battle, you do not pilot the helicopter. Instead the helicopter is piloted by the A.I. while you concentrate on shooting the onscreen sprites that serve as enemies. You start off by choosing what kind of ammunition you wish to carry which range from bullets for the machine gun to laser guided rockets.

You control the onscreen reticule with the D-pad and fire your guns with A and your missiles with B. You can switch what type of missiles you wish to use, missiles that come in a limited amount. You can also use a deflector shield to shield yourself from incoming fire.

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