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Hidan is a member of Akatsuki and partner of Kakuzu. Hidan grew up in Yugakure, Hidan became disgusted when his village was transformed into a tourist site so he killed his neighbors on leaving the village. After leaving the village Hidan joins the Jashin fate, the Jashin fate forces him to commit a 30 minute ceremony after killing his enemy.\

Immortalty technique

Because of his Jashin religion experiments Hidan became immortal, this allows him to be attacked numerous times and still survive, even after having his head cut off he is still able to talk. If Hidans head is removed Kakuzu is able to reatach it using his black string.

Curse technique

Hidan's most powerful technique allows him to take control of the enemies body. This techniques works when HIdan cuts his enemy with his 3 bladed sword, after drawing blood
Curse technique
hidan will consume it then draw a symbol in the ground which will start the technique. With this technique if Hidan stabs him self the enemy will be stabbed and suffer the same injury, because of his immortal technique nothing happens to Hidan.

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