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Hien (translated to Scarlet Flame) is a calm, cool, and collected pilot trained in the ninja arts. In the Aero Fighter games, he carries out his missions given to him by the mysterious "Shogun". He has
 Hien, as he appears in AeroFighters Assault
made an appearance in every Aero Fighters game, becoming a trademark of the series. Unlike many of the other characters in the series, his appearance never changes, continuing to wear his trade mark ninja attire and black helmet bearing the kanji for "patience". 



Hien flies an FSX (also known as the F-2A) throughout the entire series. Equipped with a shuriken machine gun as it's primary weapon, it can deploy a secondary bomb attack that engulfs the jet in a phoenix shaped fire cloud that destroys enemies on contact. In AeroFIghters Assault, Hien's FSX's machine gun remains, but his special is instead replaced with a "Ninja Beam", a large, powerful blue laser.


Hien likes to keep to himself, but when confronted by a stranger, tries to behave in a calm and respectable manner. When working with Mecha-Keaton, he seemed to get along well with him, despite his lack of seriousness. When meeting Arthur, he is shocked to see a baby pilot. Despite his surprise, he does show respect for his skill, as he does with Cincia and Ellen. Upon completing their mission together, Angela revels his passion for Hien, offering to make make love. Hien turns down the offer however. Mao Mao has a crush on him, which he seems to acknowledge, but is annoyed by her lack of professionalism and talkative nature.

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