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The High Elf's portrait.

Grave news travels to the Academy of Magic in Thylysium: the northern country has been contaminated by T-Energy. Much of the wildlife has been mutated into vicious abominations. All attempts made by others have failed to stop the crisis. The Academy sends their top student to discover how to solve this dilemma. Excited to prove herself and to grow into a more powerful magician, the High Elf eagerly accepts the task.

The Path of Light

There are two paths you can take to advance the story of Sacred 2. The first, the Path of Light, is the choice if you want your character to be good. The Path of Shadow is the obvious opposite.

If you choose the Path of Light, the High Elf will use this opportunity to not only save Ancaria from the T-Energy crisis, but also work to free the humans from their longtime slavery and be given rights as citizens. She will strive for a more tolerant, peaceful, and just society in which all can live their lives and not worry about the future.

The Path of Shadow

If you choose the Path of Shadow instead, the High Elf will strive to become a powerful mage and use her new-found power to restore her family to the place of sovereigns, where they long ago sat, and have herself rule the Academy. She is willing to do anything to accomplish this goal.

In Combat

The High Elf is the most talented spellcaster in Sacred 2, though she suffers from a frail constitution. It is possible to build her into a tough, battlemage-like character, however, thanks to the level-up system. She will never be as strong as the Shadow Warrior, though.

The High Elf gains a variety of useful buffs and high damage spells that make her a great support character.

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