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As the Scourge struck the kingdom of Lordaeron, the once peaceful Monastary containing the priesthood of humanity was converted into a basttion of fanatical Scarlet Crusaders. As time went, they grew more and more insane, and under the command of Whitemane, they began killing innocent men and women whom they blamed for being plagued.

Like many others in the Monastary, Sally Whitemane spent her early days in Southshore.

World of Warcraft Encounter

Whitemane enters the final battle when Scarlet Commander Mograine has fallen. She rushes out and begins attacking players until she reaches about 50%, where she casts an unresistable sleep and ressurects Mograine. The fight then continues with fighting both the Commander and Whitemane. She also heals herself up after ressurecting Mograine, making you face both at 100% health and mana. A tip is to firstly kill Whitemane and then Mograine.

Note: If you are being boosted by someone with a lot of DPS, it is possible to kill Whitemane before she ressurects Mograine. If this happens, you will recieve no loot for the encounter.


  • Smite - A holy damage spell.
  • Mind Control - A spell that takes control of the target.
  • Power Word : Shield - A shield that absorbs a set amount of damage on the target.


Hand of Righteousness - One-handed Mace
Triune Amulet - Amulet
Whitemane's Chapeau - Cloth Head

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