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The story of this game has been written by the Head Writer of Highlander: The Series. The Story begins 2000 years ago with the main character, Owen MacLeod, the ancestor of Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod (which is also known as the Highlander), being enslaved by Romans who force him to become a Gladiator. In one of his battles Owen dies, and then comes back to life. Similarly to the movie, this is how MacLeod realizes he is immortal. Methos, the oldest living Immortal, approaches Owen to be his mentor. He teaches Owen about The Game and how he and other immortals can only be slain by beheading.

Throughout the story Owen will be pursued by an arch-nemesis, this enemy is extremely powerful, and to defeat him Owen must collect fragments of a magical stone. He embarks on a quest to restore the stone in an attempt to gain the power to overcome his foe.


The gameplay will take advantage of Owen's immortality, and since he can't be killed by being shot, or by falling of high altitudes, or through electrical charges, Owen will often use this in his advantage. For instance, by using his body as a conductor for high-voltage electrical currents and/or jumping off of buildings. Owen will have magical abilities, such as resurrection, chi balance, fireblade, wind fury and stone armor, among others.

Owen will have many types of swords, like any other character in the Highlander series, which he must use to fight other immortals during the 18 missions of the game.

Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod are expected to be part of the 77 characters that are going to be in the game.


It was confirmed by an Eidos representative in late 2010 that the game is no longer in development.

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