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Higins is a paladin captain of the Pacalon army leading the fight against the greater devil Geshp. He is first encountered by the Shining Force moments after he has led a sparse group of soldiers out of the beleaguered city in an attempt to find help but he is quickly surrounded. Geshp kills Higins compatriots and a spell is cast on Higins himself leaving him unconscious. When the Shining Force destroys the devils and gets to Higins he joins the force to help them in their fight against Zeon.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Higins functions identically to the other three centaurs available to the Shining Force. His stats are in line with the other paladins making your choice to use him more aesthetic than functional. He is also the only centaur character that joins the force already promoted which makes it impossible to promote Higins into a Pegasus Knight.


Post-Promotion: Paladin (PLDN)

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