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Hilda is the princess of Lorule in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Lorule's dimensional counterpart to Princess Zelda of Hyrule. Link first encounters Hilda during entry into Lorule, after Yuga has used the power of the seven sages to merge with Ganon's spirit. She comes to Link's rescue, transporting him to safety. While keeping Yuga at bay, she guides Link along his journey through Lorule as he frees the sages and eventually receives the Triforce of Courage.

After Link retrieves the Triforce of Courage and returns to Lorule Castle for his rematch with Yuga, he meets Hilda in the throne room, who is standing with Zelda's portrait. As she removes Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom from the painting, she explains the history of Lorule. Many generations ago, Lorule had its own Triforce, but due to the greed with which people sought it, the decision was made to destroy it so that no one could abuse its power. However, the destruction of the Triforce left Lorule in a state of decay and ruin. Upon learning of Hyrule's existence, as well as the existence of its own Triforce, Hilda plots with Yuga to steal Hyrule's Triforce in order to restore Lorule to its former glory.

Hilda shows her true colors.

Upon demanding that Link relinquish the Triforce of Courage, Hilda commands Yuga, who possesses the Triforce of Power, to go on the attack. When Link defeats him, however, Yuga betrays Hilda and seals her in a painting in order to take the Triforce of Wisdom for himself before reentering battle.

After Yuga's final defeat at the hands of Link, Hilda is freed from the painting, but still confronts Link and the freed Princess Zelda, desperate to get her hands on the Triforce. Before she can act, however, Ravio appears and, after revealing his true identity, persuades Hilda to back down, pointing out that her desire for Hyrule's Triforce is no different than that which led to her ancestors' destruction of Lorule's own.

Realizing that she was wrong, Hilda instead aids Link and Zelda in their journey home. Link and Zelda, upon awakening in Hyrule's Sacred Realm, use the Triforce's power to make a wish for Lorule's revival. Hilda, despondent as she stands in Lorule's own Sacred Realm, bears witness to the rebirth of Lorule's Triforce and cries as she gives thanks.

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