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I bought this game thinking it would be like sim city meets diablo but its more like roller coaster tycoon minus huge amounts of people meets diablo minus dungeons, you start a town and get money by killing and looting enemies but as you get money you can build houses for people to move into like if you want a merchant to move in you build him a house and you get some of his earnings ( I assume you tax them) The combat is very diablo like, theres no skills besides magic but Ive only played a warrior so far so i dont know how many spells there are. The game didnt start for me at first but I updated my drivers and redownloaded dirctx and it works fine now. The town management is one of a kind its not technically as good as other similiar games but theres nothing like it so its a ton of fun by default. The leveling system is also great you choose a trait and the trait gives you certain stats, for example I chose fierce and I deal much more damage, but I could have chosen thrifty and got more money from the tac payers. I recomend this game 4-5.

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