Hiroshi Yamauchi Dead at 85

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Passing of a titan.


#52 Posted by mrthee (36 posts) -

RIP, Yamauchi-san :(

#53 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

I thought he died years ago. Anyway, thanks for helping videogames turn out like they have. You've had a major impact on the most advanced medium mankind has known.

#54 Posted by Sanj (2542 posts) -

R.I.P and thank you, sir.

#55 Posted by NostalgicGamer (1 posts) -

R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi.

P.S. I think his wife passed away about a year ago at the age of 82.

#56 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -

Wow, this just bummed me out big time.

#57 Posted by beepmachine (617 posts) -

I didn't know much of anything about this man but I think we all owe him a lot. Glad to hear he lived a full life.

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@gnatsol said:

This guy was just as important to the rise of Nintendo as Miyamoto. Everyone should treat it as such and hold both in revere.

Indeed. RIP to a true industry legend. Most of us wouldn't be here, without him. Shame he probably won't get much coverage in general media.

he's recognized for sure http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24160150

very sad to hear he has passed but I'm really really glad he got to accomplish what he did. Everyone has those unforgettable NES, SNES and N64 moments that might not have been without his influence on the company.

#59 Posted by peritus (1071 posts) -

That man was a gaming legend to me. May he rest in peace.

#60 Posted by YukoAsho (2129 posts) -

Definitely a visionary, a legend. 85 years is a long time, so it's good to hear he at least lived a long, worthwhile life. Still, he will be missed. RIP

Indeed. He'll be missed, but he's one of the few whose legacy will be remembered. He was a rare man who was unconcerned with following trends or pulling off cheap tricks for quick cash. He built Nintendo the old-fashioned way, by making something great and treating consumers with respect. The gaming industry as a whole could use people like him right about now.

#61 Posted by cooljammer00 (2047 posts) -

He lived a long and fulfilling life....at least not one as tragic as say, Gunpey Yokoi. Died right after one massive failure after a long line of successes, demoted to a window seat position and killed in a car accident.

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That's really sad news, but "A funeral will be held at Nintendo this weekend." made me laugh. Thanks, Yamauchi-sama.

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That is sad news. It is amazing what an impact on the world he was responsible for, one way or another. You have to admire him too, he lived how he wanted and didn't take any crap from anyone. He was a better stronger man than I ever will be.

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Nintendo, pshh.

The man owned the Seattle Mariners. That's his legacy.

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@recspec said:

Really saddened by this news. I'd probably be writing blogs about books and stuff and be working some dead end job if he didn't do what he did for the industry. RIP.

And what do you do?

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this is horrible news.

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@paindamnation said:

@recspec said:

Really saddened by this news. I'd probably be writing blogs about books and stuff and be working some dead end job if he didn't do what he did for the industry. RIP.

And what do you do?

Isn't it obvious? He makes the vidjya gaymes.

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May he rest in peace.

#69 Posted by deafwing (21 posts) -

RIP - Many thanks for building a company that has inspired so many and built a past time that was so small and only known to a few but now has reached world over with an even larger hand.

#70 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

@eccentrix: Why would that be funny? The company was his entire adult life legacy.

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Gone but never forgotten. Thanks Yamauchi-san for everything. RIP.

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Sad to hear that Yamauchi died. He did so much for video game industry, yet only played one once and didn't like it (a NES version of Go, according to David Scheff's excellent book, "Game Over"). We owe so much to his decision to let Miyamoto run wild with his ideas. He also enjoyed fine scotch. I will enjoy a dram of whisky in his honor tomorrow night. Cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh.

#74 Posted by PXAbstraction (352 posts) -

A man who I would argue, had more lasting impact in video games than anyone else, including Nolan Bushnell, by a country mile. RIP. :(

#75 Posted by Brendan (8155 posts) -
#76 Posted by eccentrix (1614 posts) -

@hailinel said:

@eccentrix: Why would that be funny? The company was his entire adult life legacy.

Just the wording. I imagined Nintendo owning a district of Japan and calling it 'Nintendo'.

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Until 2002... wow. That's quite a date in itself for me. I was a "Nintendo Guy" until right around that time -- just didn't like the direction the company was going from then on. And while the Wii was incredibly successful, it just wasn't my thing.

Regardless of how much Yamauchi's actions impacted my belief in the company, it's in the very least, a big coincidence.

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Thank you for making my childhood so great. Rest in peace

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Rest in Peace, Yamauchi

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@brendan said:

@mlarrabee: Woah really? That's cool.

The reasoning is even cooler. Yamauchi bought the Mariners back when they were in need of new ownership and were threatening to move to Florida. Yamauchi stepped in to buy the team in order to keep it in Seattle owing at least in part as a gesture to NOA, which is located in the area. He held control of the Mariners up until about 2004, when he transferred ownership to NOA. Nintendo of America still owns the team today. The funny thing is, Yamauchi apparently didn't really care all that much about baseball. Dude was all business.

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Mr. Yamauchi, you introduced many great games to this world. Thank you for hours of entertainment. We will remember you forever. Rest in peace.

Please feel free to leave your condolences here: http://www.eternal-contact.com/hiroshi-yamauchi/

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