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Hiryu no Ken II: Dragon Tsubasa is the sequel to the original Hiryu no Ken, localized in the west as Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll. Though Hiryu no Ken II would not see a release outside of Japan, both it and its sequel Hiryu no Ken III: 5 Rin no Ryuu Senshi would be combined together to form Flying Warriors.

The game features multiple modes: The normal mode is a platformer/brawler where the player character Ryuhi must fight past legions of enemies with his martial arts while reaching the end of each stage. There's also an RPG mode which includes one-on-one fights that require some strategy behind them, using the counter/weak-point fighting system that the Hiryu no Ken series is known for. After which, the game moves onto the stages found in the above normal mode. There is also the Vs. mode, which is simply a series of one-on-one fights with computer opponents.

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